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6 Week Program!
Starts August 5,2019
About Stockton Fit Boot Camp Program!
Starts August 5,2019!  
6 Week Program! Offered 5 Days a Week!

4-5am / 5-6am / 6-7am / 7-8am /  6-7pm / 7-8pm

4-5am / 5-6am / 6-7am/7-8am
Our 6 Week Fitness & Weight Loss Boot Camp Program Cost!

Individual Registration            $150 Each (6 week program)
2 People  Registration             $125 Each (6 week program) Discount!
3 or More Registration             $99   Each (6 week program) Discount!
Year Membership                     $599  Each (Limited Memberships Available)

*Please call if you have a large group or questions concerning discount rates*
Our 6 Week Program will contain some of the following exercises. 

-Punching Bag Workouts (punching & kicking combos,boxing style workouts)
-Marine Style (jumping jacks,crunches,flutter kicks,squats,low crawls,push ups ,lunges,ect)
-Cardio Blast (light jogging,fast pace walking,long walk pace, jump rope, ect)
-Floor Work   (Yoga Poses, planks, abdominal core works, ect)
-Weighted     (Kettle Bell training, medicine ball workouts,ect)

We understand that we all start somewhere in our fitness & weight Loss Journey, that's is why we welcome all fitness levels! Modification will be provided to those who have certain exercise needs.  Start your fitness change today!
* Note*
To receive discount rates, registration must be completed online or in person by July 29,2019.
Proverbs 10:22 The blessings of the LORD makes a person rich, and he adds no sorrow with it.
July 15,2019 Boot Camp
Late Registration Available!

Registration Available till 

Any questions about late registration please call
(209) 715-2870